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Do you think your child should see a paediatrician?


The first step is to discuss your concerns with your GP. If your GP thinks paediatric care will benefit your child, they will provide you with a referral.


I have a referral to a paediatrician… what next?


Make sure all your correct contact details are on the referral. Your GP or yourself should then send a copy to your chosen paediatrician or public (hospital-based outpatient) service.


What happens at an initial appointment with a paediatrician?


You will have time to describe your concerns. Your paediatrician will ask questions about your child’s medical history and your family situation. They will talk or play with your child, measure your child and examine them.


At the end of the initial appointment, you and your paediatrician will discuss what steps may improve your child’s health and/or development, and a plan will be made to approach the most important issues.


An initial appointment may take up to an hour per child.


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